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Key Personnel

Mark G. Olson, Principal Geophysicist

Mr. Olson is a California-registered professional geophysicist and geologist, and certified hydrogeologist,  with over 25 years of experience performing geophysical and geological investigations.  Mr. Olson is responsible for the management and technical performance of all of the firm's projects.

Mr. Olson was formerly a senior geologist/geophysicist with Dames & Moore in Los Angeles and manager of their international geophysical services group.  During his employment with Dames & Moore he performed numerous geophysical surveys for subsurface investigations related to subway tunneling, geotechnical investigation of dams, and environmental and groundwater studies.   Mr. Olson was also a senior geophysicist with Mobil Exploration and Producing Services in Dallas, Texas.  During his employment with Mobil Oil he was involved with onshore and offshore seismic data acquisition, seismic data processing, and interpretation of geological and geophysical data for oil and gas exploration.

Daniel D. McPherson, Senior Geophysicist

Mr. McPherson is an experienced exploration geophysicist who provides technical and project management support.  He has extensive experience with the field data collection, processing and interpretation of seismic reflection and ground-penetrating radar data.  He was formerly a senior geophysicist with Mobil Oil in Dallas, Texas. 

Vladimir Kapustin, Ph.D., Senior Consulting Geophysicist

Dr. Kapustin was formerly the Engineering Director at Geotech, LLC in Moscow, Russia.  He is an expert in applications of GPR, cross-borehole radio wave and seismic imaging, and other geophysical procedures for detection of underground structures and investigation of geologic conditions.  Dr. Kapustin is also a specialist in the non-destructive evaluation of concrete structures using geophysical measurements and author of numerous technical publications on engineering geophysical applications.     

Jan D. Rietman, Ph.D., Senior Consulting Geophysicist

Dr. Rietman is a consultant to the firm who provides additional technical expertise for special projects.  He is a California-registered professional geophysicist and geologist with over 35 years of consulting experience in both land and marine geophysical applications.  Dr. Rietman is a specialist in the 3D interpretation of seismic reflection surveys for tunneling and fault investigations.  He has extensive experience performing geophysical investigations throughout the world.