Advanced Geoscience performs a wide range of specialized field services and consulting. Each of these projects are carefully managed to deliver technical and scientific-based results on a timely basis, completed in accordance with our client’s schedule.

The following links describe some of the primary geophysical and geological procedures we perform.  Included are listings of some of their applications and also various data displays:

Subsurface Geophysical Surveys

Deeper Seismic Reflection and Geophysical Exploration

Geophysical Data Processing, Modeling, and Research

Ground Penetrating Radar and Non-Destructive Evaluation of Earth Structures

Groundwater Exploration and Well Location Surveys

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 Subsurface Geophysical Surveys          Groundwater, Mineral, and Oil & Gas Exploration

 Seismic Reflection Exploration                Groundwater Investigations and Hydrogeology

 “Geophysical Engineering”                      Non-Destructive Evaluation of Earth Structures