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Ground-Penetrating Radar and Concrete-Scanning Radar-  2D and 3D Surveys

Seismic Travel Time and Sonic “Pulse Echo” Measurements-  Using ASTM Method D5882-16

Shows Sonic Pulse Echo test record from 36-inch diameter cast-in-drill-hole (CIDH) pile 56 feet deep. Reflection from impedance reduction was detected above the toe reflection indicating a possible defect in pile shaft diameter from partial borehole collapse.   Data was recorded by AGI from hundreds of  Pulse Echo tests on CIDH bridge piles constructed for Alameda Corridor rail line trench in Central Los Angeles.

Sonic “Impact Echo” and “Impulse Response” Measurements-  Using ASTM C1383-04

                                                                                                                         and ASTM C1740


Ground Penetrating Radar and Non-Destructive Evaluation of Earth Structures