Satish Pullammanappallil, Ph.D., Senior Consulting Geophysicist

Dr. Pullammanappallil is a special consultant to AGI.  He is a research seismologist and consulting geophysicist with over 20 years experience in developing innovative technology for solving subsurface imaging problems.  He has helped develop and launch commercial software for analysis of both active and passive seismic data.  His work has spanned areas ranging from engineering geophysics to energy exploration that involve processing and interpreting seismic data from diverse geologic environments.  He has successfully managed and completed multi-year projects funded by municipalities and by government agencies like the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the US Department of Energy.

 Ph.D. Geophysics, The University of Nevada, Reno

Vladimir V. Kapustin, Ph.D., Senior Consulting Geophysicist

Dr. Kapustin is a special consultant to AGI.  He is an expert in the specialized processing and interpretation of seismic imaging data, 2D and 3D GPR data, and other geophysical procedures for geological investigations and detection and evaluation of underground structures. Dr. Kapustin helped develop the first portable seismic event monitoring stations in the former USSR.  He also is a specialist in the non-destructive evaluation of concrete foundations and structures using sonic testing procedures and concrete-scanning radar.  Dr. Kapustin coordinated for AGI seismic velocity measurements and concrete-scanning radar surveys on very large raft building foundations in Astana City, Kazakhstan and completed the evaluation of voids and areas of lower strength concrete.  He was formerly the Engineering Director at Geotech, LLC in Moscow, Russia and author of numerous technical publications on engineering geophysics.  He is currently a US citizen based in San Diego, CA..

M.S. Geology and Geophysics, Ph.D. Physics and Mathematics, Moscow State University

Daniel D. McPherson, Senior Geophysicist

Mr. McPherson is an experienced exploration geophysicist who provides technical and project management support.  His expertise includes field data collection, processing, and interpretation of seismic reflection, refraction and ground-penetrating radar data.  He has performed seismic reflection, refraction, and TEM electrical resistivity surveys on Catalina Island for groundwater exploration, and ground-penetrating radar surveys for evaluation of subsurface voids beneath the Bull Lake Dam spillway in Wyoming.   Mr. McPherson also specializes in the interpretation and subsurface mapping  of  2D and 3D seismic reflection, AVO, and seismic attribute data for oil and gas exploration.  He  was formerly a Senior Geophysicist with Mobil Oil in Dallas, Texas involved in oil and gas exploration and development operations in Alaska, Australia, and Africa.

B.S. Geophysical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

Robert E. Curren, Project Geophysicist and Geologist

Mr. Curren is a field geophysicist  and geologist  who provides technical and project management support.  He is experienced with the field data collection, processing, and interpretation of seismic reflection and refraction, ground-penetrating radar, gravity, magnetics, and multi-sensor electromagnetics geophysical data.  Mr. Curren routinely performs ground radar and magnetics and electromagnetics for investigatons of underground structures.  For the USAF groundwater exploration project in Djibouti (East Africa) he set up survey lines with RTK GPS and helped record TEM resistivity soundings and magnetic field measurements.  He has also performed numerous seismic refraction surveys for projects with public agencies and private clients.  Mr. Curren is also trained in borehole drilling and rock coring, geologic logging, and well completion operations.  He was formerly with NAVEA Geophysics, Inc. and Petrolog, Inc.

B.S. Geology with Geophysics Minor, Kansas State University

Brian B. Burkhardt,  Geophysical Field Technician

Mr. Burkhardt is an experienced field technician responsible for the operation and maintenance of geophysical and other field surveying equipment. He provides expertise in the set up and operation of seismic data recording equipment and multi-sensor magnetic field and electromagnetic data recording equipment.  Mr. Burkhardt is also highly trained in the use of ground-penetrating radar for the location and mapping of subsurface structures.  He also conducts concrete-scanning radar surveys and sonic pulse echo testing.  He has performed pulse echo testing on hundreds of concrete piles for the Alameda Corridor Project and numerous other building projects.  Mr. Burkhardt has been a key member of the AGI team for over 17 years.        

 Technical Personnel

Mark G. Olson, Principal Geophysicist and Geologist

Mr. Olson is a California-licensed Professional Geophysicist and Geologist and Certified-Hydrogeologist with over 35 years of experience performing subsurface investigations in the  Western US, Pacific  Rim, South America, Mexico, Africa, and other international areas.  Mr. Olson is responsible for the management and technical performance of all the firm’s projects.  He is an expert in the application of geophysical and geological investigation techniques for subsurface exploration and the evaluation of geotechnical, environmental, and geologic hazards.  His expertise includes high-resolution seismic reflection surveys for tunneling and fault investigations, seismic refraction tomography, 2D and 3D ground-penetrating radar, borehole logging and well investigations, mining and oil and gas exploration, groundwater aquifer testing, and deeper seismic reflection exploration and electrical resistivity profiling.  He was formerly a Senior Geophysicist and Geologist with Dames & Moore in Los Angeles and manager of their international geophysical services group.  He was also a Senior Geophysicist with Mobil Oil Exploration and Producing Services in Dallas, Texas  involved with onshore and offshore seismic data acquisition, seismic reflection data processing, gravity and magnetic data acquisition and processing, and interpretation of geological and geophysical data for oil and gas exploration operations in the Western US, Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, North Sea, Norwegian Sea, and Africa.

B.S. Applied Geophysics, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

Graduate Studies in Geology and Geophysics, University of Texas at Dallas and California State University Long Beach

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