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Seismic Reflection 2D and 3D Surveys- Using Vibroseis, Explosive, and Larger

                                                                                 Accelerated Weight Drop Seismic Energy Sources


Two paralleling seismic reflection profiles for oil exploration along the edge of the San Andreas fault zone in California.  Data was recorded in difficult terrain using explosive charges.  The profiles show reflections indicating structural closure in oil-bearing Miocene units (green and purple lines) that are positioned between E-W trending fault planes (blue lines).  Data recording, processing, and interpretation by AGI.

Deeper Electrical Resistivity Profiling- Using Transient Electromagnetic (TEM) and Magneto-Telluric Methods

Combined Electrical Resistivity and Induced Polarization Profiling

Borehole Seismic Velocity Surveys- Using Deeper Downhole Methods

Lower-Frequency Seismic Surface Waves Surveys- Using Ambient Seismic Sources

Borehole Geophysical Logging- Using Gamma, EM Conductivity, and Electric Logs

Gravity and Magnetic Surveys


Deeper Seismic Reflection and Geophysical Exploration